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Robust Futures

“The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.”

John Milton

Paradise Lost

Everyone deserves a life free of suffering, where the joy of life exceeds the pain and challenges. 

Our Story is Why We Do It

Robert and Terri Bogue are parents of seven children who tragically suffered the loss of one of their sons, Alex, to suicide. Before the loss, both had found their ways to serve humanity through technology, education, and medical care.  Since Alex’s death, they aligned their efforts towards reducing suicide and improving mental wellness. 

What We Do

We change society’s relationships with the things that harm them. We make people more likely to store guns safely. We make it harder to overdose on medication. We normalize conversations around sensitive topics. We teach people to respond better. 

We know that often the solution to a problem can be quick, simple, and effective. Our bias as humans is that solutions have to match the size of the problem. This ignores millennia of wisdom about effective ways to solve problems. We don’t approach problems from the perspective of brute force or countervailing action. We approach problems from the perspective of changing keystone behaviors at critical moments. 

How We Do It

We’re constantly scanning the environment to look for ultra-high-leverage ways to make a difference. We believe that many of the problems that prevent people from enjoying their lives come from simple decisions and behaviors that we’re not aware of. We’ve spent decades consulting and in healthcare discovering how the systems work and how they break down. 

What We Believe

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